Lori SandstromDevotion is a dynamic vocal duo from Colorado whose rich harmonies lift the heart, revive the spirit, and capture the imagination.

Robert Anderson has composed a #1 hit song and Lori Sandstrom is an International Peacemaker Institute graduate.

Together as Devotion, they showcase their refreshingly original blend of pop, rhythm and blues and inspirational music at progressive spiritual centers, retreats, conferences, youth gatherings and special events across the country. Their highly-praised recordings We Are Healing and Intention, and Do All You Can are acclaimed as, "Conscious music at it's finest!" 


Robert AndersonRobert’s songs “Give It Away” and “I Am” have been nominated for a New Thought Song Writers Tribute Award by Itoi Minsitries.

Devotion is available for:
- Conferences/Retreats: 
Keynote & Special music
- Workshops  
- Sunday Services:   Sermon in Song & Special Music
- Singing with Youth:  Spiritual community or school system
- Singing for Unity Chaplains:  We LOVE chaplains
- anything we can do, we will




Devotion is a traveling music ministry that shares positive musical messages of peace and spiritual transformation.  We envision an increasing global movement of beings desiring to be in touch with a Divine source of miracles and hope.  Devotion is a recognized contributor and leader in this movement.





What People Say:
Perhaps something mystical happened to them during their time in Assisi, Italy. There is a power and presence that flows out of them.

Their energy together shines out and washes over their listening communities, whether itís a high energy Sunday morning service of five hundred, a healing meditation service of thirty, an interdenominational spiritual conference of a thousand people, or a group of one hundred multi-aged young people at an elementary school.

Sharing themselves with the world through Robert’s original lyrics, they are peacemakers, creating connections between communities.  This is their intention.  And from these gifts of light that they are, we all have the chance to be filled with the powerful light of peace and love in its purest form. 

Their love for each other, for the music that flows through them, and for us is palpable.  One feels whole in the shelter they create with their voices and with their presence.